Venetian Masquerade Ball

I love working with themes.  For a corporate client last year we decided to go with a Venetian Masquerade theme, which lent itself to some unique ideas for decor and entertainment. 

The centerpieces consisted of huge white ostrich feathers arranged in a golden vase. Venetian masks added the masquerade touch.

The stage had to be big to fit the 12 piece band and I wanted it to be the focal point in the room so we put up a canopy and draped it with a luxurious red velvet fabric and hung ornate chandeliers along the middle. It created a striking image and instantly transported guests into the days of old Venice.

Trumpeters in costume signaled the opening of the reception doors while staffers adorned in wigs and masks were ready with champagne at the entrance. Once guests entered the ballroom, they were greeted with the flury of acrobats, jugglers, stilt walkers, and aerilists who performed on the dance floor and in between tables and created a high energy introduction.

The event was a success for us – can’t wait for this year’s theme! 🙂


~ by velvetropespecialevents on October 7, 2008.

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